Hydro Power Plant on Lakhami river
Project objectives Design of a technically and economically sustainable hydro power plant considering Georgian legislation and international state of the art in terms of hydro power design.
Project data Two-stage HPP scheme (Lakhami HPP 1 and Lakhami HPP 2) with a planned capacity of approx 8MW (HPP1) and 13 MW (HPP2).
Project content The hydro power plant (HPP) development is located in the Svaneti region in the north western part of Georgia and Greater Caucasus, on the Lakhami river. CES has been awarded for technical consultancy services, the preparation of the feasibility study and design services. The Lakhami HPP project is conceived as a two-stage run-of-river power plant cascade of two power projects, Lakhami HPP 1 and Lakhami HPP 2. Both projects follow a high pressure scheme consisting mainly of the headworks with appurtenant structures, a penstock and the surface powerhouse with the hydro-mechanical and electrical equipment. Lakhami HPP 2 is planned to use the outflow of Lakhami HPP 1 plus the additional flow of Lakhami river.
Services Feasibility study and optimisation planning, conceptual layout of the HPP scheme, financial pre-assessment, detailed design for receiving construction Permit and environmental impact analysis

Location Svaneti Region, Georgia
Duration 2014 - 2019