Small Hydro Power Plant Bistrica Montenegro
Project objectives Approval planning for Bemax d.o.o. for the 4 MW small hydro power plant Bistrica, for obtaining official permits that are required for the execution and the operation of the plant.
Project data Nominal discharge: 3 m³/s; Gross head: 170 m; Installed capacity: 4.2 MW; Turbine: 1 six-nozzle Pelton; Generator: Synchron; Penstock: GFK; Lenght: 4,5 km; Diameter: DN1500 / DN1400
Project content Bistrica 4 MW small hydro power scheme is located on the river Bistrica, close to the town Berane, in the Northeast of Montenegro in the Sandzak region. The river Bistrica disembogues near Berane into the river Lim, which is the largest river in the Sandzak region.
Services The new Bistrica small hydropower scheme comprises an intake designed to the Tyrolean Weir system, a fish pass and the sand trap. Through a 4.5km penstock of GRP pipes Ø1.4m and Ø1.5m, the water is directed to a Pelton turbine and is then returned to the river Bistrica. Our services included site inspection of the planned facility locations, a review and assessemnt of the hydrological and geological data, optimization of plant design, the approval/permit planning and a quantity servey.

Location Montenegro
Duration 2012 - 2014