Improvement of District Heating System in Prishtina (Kosovo)
Project objectives Financed by KfW and OEKB, the main objective of the proposed measures is to provide district heating to residential and commercial customers reliably in sufficient quality at lowest possible cost and least ecological impact.
Project data Installed heat generation capacity Cogeneration: 140 MW; Installed heat generation capacity additional peak load: 116 MW; Heat production 186 GWh / yr.; New heat transfer pipeline: 10,5 km, DN 600
Project content Technical measures including modernization and/or renewal and/or replacement of pipes, existing heat sources (as back-up) and substations shall be rehabilitated in Prishtina. Prishtina DH system shall be connected to the TPP "Kosovo B" by converting into a CHP plant.
Project specifics Due to the involvment of an existing power plant which shall be connectet the challange was to find the best solution for all stakholders.
Services Development of an investment plan thus defining an efficient and consistent rehabilitation strategy; Design of appropriate substations and selection of least cost solutions; Elaboration of a procurement plan; Preparation of technical specification using modern technologies; Provision of independent engineering design, construction, procurement, contracting, program implementation and management advise; Management of entire procurement and contracting process; Technical Assistance to Termokos

Location Kosovo