Whether industrial plants or buildings, the cheapest and greenest energy is that which is not even needed in the first place. Our experience has shown that the implementation of relatively simple energy saving measures is generating the highest return of investment. To identify this energy saving potentials it is essential to closely cooperate with the client to get a clear picture of the overall energy situation and to analyze the data received. Data quality is a major issue in this assessment process. The availability of CES mobile measurement devices allows us to significantly improve the data quality and therefore also the results of the data analysis. Only a solid data basis allows for the development of technically and economically viable energy efficiency measures.

Our core competences:

  • Industrial facilities (glass, paper, cement, food, etc.)
  • Residential and office buildings, public buildings
  • Shopping centers, schools & hospitals
  • Airports and train stations

Our services include:

  • Energy audits for buildings, plants and entire production facilities
  • Building physics analysis, energy consumption analysis
  • Identification of energy and CO2 reduction potentials
  • Due diligence, preparation of action plans
  • Conceptual design
  • Technical and economic analysis
  • Verification of financial models
  • Detailed design
  • Tendering and procurement services
  • Site supervision during the implementation
  • Project management and controlling

Your key contact is:

Phone: +43 1 52169-303