Solar cooling and Energy efficiency measures – Malta Internalional Airport (MLA)
Project objectives Assessment of the Main Building’s energy efficiency, in order to localize operation cost saving potentials. Design of a Solar cooling system and implementation of further energy efficiency measures.
Project data The following saving potentials were pointed out: Building Envelope (windows shading, roof insulation, air infiltration); HVAC Systems (reduction of fresh air temperature by prevention of solar heat gain at the louvers, variable speed drives for ventilation, modification of system parts); Installation of a solar cooling system; An amount of 20% energy cost saving was calculated.
Project content The airport building is a complex body with different parts of utilization. In the building the whole passenger transport is carried out, additionally all the offices of the airport management, technical systems and catering areas are integrated. According the local climate most of the operating costs are used for cooling systems.
Project specifics Size of the object and Climate Zone.
Services Design and tendering of a solar cooling system with approx. 10.000m² collector area and implementation of energy efficiency measures in the HVAC system and the building envelope.

Location Malta