BIO-Diesel Krems – Modification of the Biodiesel plant
Project objectives To gain higher yield through cheaper raw material and by improving the efficiency of the biodiesel plant.
Project data Output of Plant: 55,000 tons per year; Retrofit Investment: about 3.000.000 €
Project content BIO-Diesel Krems has retrofitted their Biodiesel plant, which was opened in 2007, by some plant sections in order to receive a better rate of yield and an increase of the profitability. During the retrofit of the plant, the existing reactors (mixers) were replaced by dispergators. In the space thus gained a plant for the processing of raw materials including oil drying was erected. Furthermore, the trans-esterification plant retrofit and the construction of two new plants for esterification and glycerine phase treatment were conducted. Because of that, in the tank farm there was a need to install two containers of sulfuric acid (95–96 %) including the required filling and pumping.
Project specifics Challenging was the handling of potentially hazardous materials. The installation of new system components in an existing building and the process design are further peculiarities of the project.
Services CES supported BIO-Diesel Krems during the modification of the existing Biodiesel plant with the following services: project management, construction supervision, process engineering, authority engineering, commissioning and operation optimization.

Location Austria