EBRD UPSEEF: Project Support Unit – Framework
Ziele des Projekts The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”) has made energy efficiency investments in the public building sector a priority. The EBRD intends to support EnPC market development by testing and establishing the recently improved legislative framework for EnPC by implementing financing framework for energy efficiency in public buildings (the “Framework”). The overall objective of the Assignment is to assist the launch and implementation of the framework.
Projektkennzahl Loan volume: 100 mio. EURO
Projektinhalt Framework is designed to utilize EUR 100 million for individual municipal loans to participating Ukrainian cities (each the “City1”) by way of loans of up to EUR 20 million to municipal companies (each the “Company”) under guarantee of the City to improve energy efficiency in public buildings (i.e. schools, hospitals, government uildings) and street lighting. The Consultant will provide support to the Bank in implementing up to 15 projects.
Leistungen Market the Framework and ensure that the widest range of stakeholders are informed about the Framework and its benefits, in order to ensure a prompt uptake of the financing and the related benefits; Support (including marketing and institutional development) and monitor development of the private ESCO market in Ukraine, including by providing capacity building and training support to Ukrainian municipalities, developers, advisory firms and banks; Ensure effective screening of projects to identify and support those that are technically and commercially viable and to screen out those projects which are not; Support potential borrowers in identifying appropriate investment opportunities and developing proposals for financing under the Framework; Ensure that borrowers proposing projects are, in all respects, compliant with national and applicable EU, environmental, health, safety and labour standards; Prepare, support implementation, and provide monitoring and verification for up to ten EnPC projects, or up until the Framework is fully committed; Establish an efficient tracking, monitoring and reporting system to ensure the availability of accurate data for the utilisation of the Framework.

Standort Ukraine
Dauer 2017-2020