The real estate market (users, developers, private and public sectors) is lacing ever­clearer demands for energy and climatic conditions, operating capability and sustainability on new developments and renovation projects in the buildings sector. The noticeable market impact of sustainability certificates for real estate (both domestically and internationally) supports this trend. A high degree of expert knowledge and measurement and simulation technology is required during the entire real estate development cycle in order to satisfy these requirements. CES is facing these demands and is offering an integrated, all disciplines considering approach to provide services to our clients out of one hand. Our strong project experience with


and international

certification systems allows for an objective comparison and an efficient implementation.

Our services:

  • Pre-Assessment of the development to identify the most suitable certification system and the reachable certification level
  • Registration through the accredited professional
  • Detailed verification of the masterplan and or the concept design in the following disciplines: energy, water, waste water, waste, user comfort, social and environmental impact, landscape architecture, building materials, construction ecology etc.
  • Preparation of design guidelines and studies according to the certification requirements
  • Attendance of design workshops
  • Detailing and definition of the reachable certification level
  • Continuous identification of improvement measures for the design
  • Preparation of design concepts for improvement measures
  • Cost analysis for improvement measures to reach the best cost/benefit ratio
  • Preparation of all required calculations and experts statements for the documantary proof requested by the certification authority
  • Building simulation “as designed” / documentation in English language
  • Advisory services during the implementation process
  • Building simulation for the “as built” development
  • Providing the services of the Commissioning Authority during the tender process and in the commissioning period
  • Verification of the construction through measurements
  • Continuous communication and coordination between the developer and the certification authority / Certification management

Your key contact is:

Mr. Klaus KOGLER, M.Sc., LEED™ AP
Phone: +43 152169-232