„Sustainable development“ has never been a more deliberately used term than today. If we have a look on the real estate market and its increasing demand on building certificates or if we are following the trends in smart city development and efficiency in the infrastructure and energy sector it is notable, that sustainability has become one of the key issues in our working environment.

Standard engineering is not enough anymore to satisfy the Clients request for a socially compliant, environmental friendly and economically viable project development. Also the definition of economic viability in the frame of a sustainable development has strongly been changed. Life Cycle Costs and their optimisation are becoming an key criteria for the economic viability of a development.

CES has specifically focused its activities on sustainable development in the building, industrial and infrastructure sector providing integrated design as well as social and economic assessments. A strong engagement in national and international research allows the experts of CES to consider newest developments and outstanding technologies in the integrated planning process.

Fields of activities:

  • Renewable energies (solar, biomass, biogas, biofuel, wind, geothermal energy, hydro power)
  • Energy Efficiency in buildings, industry and infrastructure
  • Electricity storage systems (hydrogen peroxide, compressed air)
  • Smart metering/Smart city developments
  • District cooling and heating
  • Sustainable buildings/building certificates

Your key contact is:

Andreas HELBL
Phone. +43 1 52169-226