In search of new knowledge and the promotion of innovation, CES, in cooperation with partners from industry and science, endeavors to participate in and implement applied research & development projects.

We have focused our research capacity on the development of innovative energy concepts, technical solutions and sustainable use of resources. We use the insights and innovations gained in all our projects and give our customers access to sustainable first-hand solutions. Together with our Austrian research partner tbw research (, we further devote ourselves to the development of bio- refineries, which combine both material and energy usage paths in integrated process solutions.

Our services in the frame of R&D projects typical include:

  • Preparation of applications for national and EU research programs
  • Partner search
  • Overall Coordination
  • System simulation for buildings and renewable energy systems
  • Support of technological developments for energy plants
  • System analysis and system development for innovative building technology
  • Examination and definition of processes
  • Technical/economic system analyzes
  • Market analysis

Your contact within CES:

Tel. +43 1 52169-232